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The Promise of the ORSN

ORSN Director Dr. Nancy Golden working with teaching staff of Pendleton High School.

The Oregon Research Schools Network (ORSN) is an educational extension outreach unit of the University of Oregon.

The Oregon Research Schools Network (ORSN), has continued to lean on the Agricultural Extension model as a foundation of increasing school improvement capacity, identifying problems of practice, and transferring knowledge to the field in addressing those problems of practice, in its work with school partners.

Since late 2019, The ORSN has started to pivot and grow its partnership efforts in an effort to grow its potential impact on Oregon students. This pivot has included working with educational leadership at the ESD and district level. We have been working with ESD leadership to provide support and training for state initiatives across their county districts, specifically in the areas of Trauma Informed School Systems (TISS) and the training of educational assistants and other classified staff in improving their work with students and supporting those efforts through innovative technological platforms.

ORSN has been providing opportunities to deliver long-term implementation support of evidence-based practices to the field across a much larger population through the ESD networks than the previous direct work with Oregon high schools in our initial pilot program. Through these new partnerships, we have been working to create broader coalitions of partners to collaborate on shared school improvement efforts, which are working to advance behavioral and academic outcomes for students, ultimately working to increase the high school graduation rate across Oregon.